Monday, April 25, 2011

Better than the Original

.... So when I first heard that Laidback Luke, lil John, and Steve Aoki were going to do a track together I skeeted...

When I actua
lly heard the track I cried. It was not what I expected or hoped for from such talented men.
It wasnt a banger, there was a certain "Uumph" element missing . . .

Lucky for me and you, a DJ duo called "The Kickstarts" from Brazil exist. They took this sad "Uumph" deprived track and healed its soul.

Take a listen for yourself . .
Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke ft Lil Jon - Turbulence (The Kickstarts Bootleg Mix) by TheKickstarts

Unfortunately the track exceeded Download limits on Soundcloud :-(

. . .but Mama Beat'z cooked up a DL link for ya'll, so no worries. :-)


XoXoX, Mama Beatz <3

Monday, April 18, 2011



Here are a couple of kids from Utah that just really love electronic music! I have mad respect for these guys because they helped us out with the very first NightFreq ever! So now that im getting more savvy with this blogging stuff i decided to show them some love by doing a huge post on all the songs and remixes they have done. Here is a little bio i found on the internet that explains my homies.

Kids in Utah need to dance. Hence: Muscle Hawk. Gunning for an epilepsy-inducing sensory overload that admirably brings back the spirit of “Where were you in ’92?” UK hardcore, Muscle Hawk put four firmly on the floor and crank up the strobe. Inevitably the soundtrack to many an SLC party-gone-wrong, MH songs like “V-Pro” work their face-melting magic through a bullying funk that doesn’t rely on gimmicks, fast cuts, or annoying filters to attract attention. Look for the trio’s mix of live instrumentation and digital prowess to potentially convert legions of pilgrims in the coming years to the good word of ravetastic bliss.

Enough talkin lets get to the music!


Set Yourself On Fire by MuscleHawk

We Are Vitamin by MuscleHawk

Downstairs Mixup by MuscleHawk

The RIP by MuscleHawk


Come Back Clean (Muscle Hawk Remix) by MuscleHawk

Wildfire (Muscle Hawk Remix) by MuscleHawk

Gifted (Muscle Hawk vs. Blue Satellite remix) by MuscleHawk


FEVER by MuscleHawk by MuscleHawk

Cocaine by MuscleHawk

NIGHTFREQ loves MUSCLE HAWK thats why we are having them play with us on our 1 year anniversary party with MUSTARD PIMP from Dim Mak records


These guys will also be playing with The French Horn Rebellion and Yelle from France this May 11th at the urban lounge. Click here to get more info on the event. Here is Yelle myspace if you have never heard of her. And last but not least here is Muscle Hawks Facebook and Myspace get over there and show them some love and if there is a certain song you want....befriend them and im sure they could probably send you a copy, or you could just buy a song... :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Legendary Drum Machine: Roland TR-808

From Wikipedia:

"The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer was one of the first programmable drum machines ("TR" serving as an initialism forTransistor Rhythm). Introduced by the Roland Corporation in early 1980, it was originally manufactured for use as a tool for studio musicians to create demos. Like earlier Roland drum machines, it does not sound very much like a real drum kit.

Drum machines in general became an integral part of rap music as a cheap and simple way of producing a drum sound. The Roland TR-808 held specific appeal because of the ability of its bass drum sound to produce extremely low-frequency sounds."

The 808's kick drum, and to a lesser extent the snare and "cowbell" are a staple of early dance music, and can still be heard throughout many different genres of music today. If you love bass, you love the 808.

Here are some tasty tracks that heavily feature the legendary kick drum:

Lil Wayne - A Milli

Hot 2 Def - Up And Down ft. Co Still

Baobinga & I.D. - Still Tippin'

Bassnectar - Massive Attack Remix

Borgore - Ice Cream (Instrumental Mix)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DJ Mehdi @ I Love Techno

Here are some techno tracks that i wanted to post up because techno is the shit. If you dont like it then you are missing out buddy. These are all kind of older techno songs but they are still awesome if you are just getting into the techno game.

Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers - Singapore Swing (Original Mix)

Djedjotronic- Computer Jerk (original mix)

Gesaffelstein - Variations

Carte Blanche - Gare Du Nord (Original Mix)

Mumbai Science - Gold ----->face melter

Boys Noize - Nerve (hey today remix) tight

Light Year - 5 Girls (Original Mix) -----> killed me the first time i heard it. ( I was rolling balls :)


Sexy Music


Hello digital world, i dont know who is out there but i appreciate the love you guys give. Here is another installment of "BANGERS" I will post up maybe five tracks or less it depends how ambitious i am to put all these tracks on the interweb. These tracks ive tested at dance clubs and they make people freak the F**k out. These are 12:00-1:00 am tracks. You have to make sure the crowd is drunk enough to appreciate these tracks. So with that being said enjoi the tracks and put them on your next play list at the club or just getting to the club, cause they is good!

The first track is from Felix Cartal. He has been getting a lot of buzz and with a track like the Joker its fitting that he finally gets into the lime light. I first heard this track when Red Bull did some sort of event in Montreal and this track was playing in the background. It got my attention.....shit is tight. Next track is from South Central, i have to say i havent heard shit from them in a while but this Baxen remix just blew me away this remix is tough as nails. This song is from Kill the Noise and it is a definite rave anthem! This song always kicks my ass and its a classic in my arsnl!!!! Next up we have TAI feat Steve Aoki its a LA Riots remix and this is a song that will destroy everything in its path so beware :) The next song is by Sydney Samson and this is a classic song too. Lets just say the world is yours.....wait for the second "DROP!!!!"
Sorry for all the chit chat i wont be such a chatty Kathy next time. Peace.

Until next time Freq's this should be enough. Sorry about not putting the track names up above the song player, im still green when it comes to this bloggin shit so cut me some slack. Here are the track names
1) Felix cartal- the joker
2) South Central- the day i die (braxen remix)
3) Kill the Noise- Jokes on you
4) TAI feat Steve Aoki- paradise poltergeist (L.A. Riots remix)
5) Sydney Samson- The world is yours

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Porter Robinson and Skrillex, enough said.

So if you missed the Porter Robinson, Skrillex show, well than your life was seriously deprived of a mind bending, body shaking, soul losing experience. ...Yes it was all that and more. These two guys came to play and WIN!

...... Win really, really, really BIG! . . .(they did, btw)
, with a little help from V2!
The boys at V2 out did themselves, and thank goodness too, since they sold out! If you thought Get Lucky was insane, than Skrillex and Porter was straight up Asylum!

The place was packed, wall to wall, body to body and no one seemed to mind at all.

And why would they, Porter Robinson would soon grace the decks and all would be right in the world . .

Till than we had a lot to distract us . .
I don't think the Go-Go dancers were a bad touch, ahem..
Hot Hot HOT!

I've been to a lot of EDM events this year and one of my biggest peeves, whether it be significant enough to even be one, you may judge . . But is it just me or do you too hate watching people on stage who can't dance for a shitake mushroom?

Well don't fret when it comes to V2 they hate that ish too. So they only hire the best and the hottest.

I might of gotten a little carried away . .oops.

Can you blame me?

No worries though. .I soon found focus again when I got to meet Porter Robinson backstage.

He's probably the coolest 18 yr old I've ever met.
Did you know he was in High school? . .He's winning. Battling a cold and all, Porter took the stage ready to throw down the sickness and dont just mean his germs.

Although I'm pretty sure there were many in the audience of the female gender hoping to catch his cold . .

. . .The boy is fine, too young for me but fine none the less. Fine for the eyes and m
ega fine for the ears!

I've never seen such intricate, detailed mixing as I did that night.

What I witnessed standing behind Porter . . well lets just say there a effing reason the name "Porter Robinson" holds weight in the game!

He did things to me and the crowd that well I just don't think we'll ever be same, in a really fantastic way.

Porter took no prisoners, .. he killed us all and we liked it . . A lot.

After being slayed by Porter, one must ask one self, "Can I really handle me some Skrillex right now?" . .

. . . The answer is yes, yes and more YES!!!

I hung out with Skrillex backstage before he went on, he was soo excited about playing a sold out show, it was his biggest show yet and it was here in good ole Salt Lake City, lucky us!

As he coined backstage, "I don
't think Salt Lake City is ready for this jelly" ..

We weren't but how could we had ever prepare for what was in store next? . . We couldn't, and that's because NO ONE will ever be ready for Skrillex's jelly.

Skrillex absolutely, positively, one hundred percent, without a shadow, hoodie, umbrella of a doubt, Insert high pitch voice here->"Killed IT!!!!!

Slay, slay, SLAY, kill, kill, KILL, .. seemed to be his format for the night and what a beautiful format it was! Mmmhmm.

I never really knew what jelly was or could be till I met Skrillex . .

I really dig jelly now but only the Skrillex kind. Thankfully for myself, I got enough jelly in my system that night to last me a lifetime or at least till EDC.. crossed fingers !!!

Skrillex went on stage and the crowd literally went effing insane.

Why wouldn't they it was Skrillex!

My favorite part was when he stage dived ..Swagged out.

Skrillex has literally taken over the Dub scene within a year!!

And if that's not swag, well than, psshh, I don't know what is!

Another amazing show and huge success for the Boys at V2 and they're only getting started.
Their next EDM show is with Wolfgang Gartner and Felix Cartel.. "I'm excited!!!"

Till next time Nightfreq'rs;
Peace, Love, Hugs and only the safe drugs ;-p
XoXoX, MaMa Beatz