Monday, April 18, 2011



Here are a couple of kids from Utah that just really love electronic music! I have mad respect for these guys because they helped us out with the very first NightFreq ever! So now that im getting more savvy with this blogging stuff i decided to show them some love by doing a huge post on all the songs and remixes they have done. Here is a little bio i found on the internet that explains my homies.

Kids in Utah need to dance. Hence: Muscle Hawk. Gunning for an epilepsy-inducing sensory overload that admirably brings back the spirit of “Where were you in ’92?” UK hardcore, Muscle Hawk put four firmly on the floor and crank up the strobe. Inevitably the soundtrack to many an SLC party-gone-wrong, MH songs like “V-Pro” work their face-melting magic through a bullying funk that doesn’t rely on gimmicks, fast cuts, or annoying filters to attract attention. Look for the trio’s mix of live instrumentation and digital prowess to potentially convert legions of pilgrims in the coming years to the good word of ravetastic bliss.

Enough talkin lets get to the music!


Set Yourself On Fire by MuscleHawk

We Are Vitamin by MuscleHawk

Downstairs Mixup by MuscleHawk

The RIP by MuscleHawk


Come Back Clean (Muscle Hawk Remix) by MuscleHawk

Wildfire (Muscle Hawk Remix) by MuscleHawk

Gifted (Muscle Hawk vs. Blue Satellite remix) by MuscleHawk


FEVER by MuscleHawk by MuscleHawk

Cocaine by MuscleHawk

NIGHTFREQ loves MUSCLE HAWK thats why we are having them play with us on our 1 year anniversary party with MUSTARD PIMP from Dim Mak records


These guys will also be playing with The French Horn Rebellion and Yelle from France this May 11th at the urban lounge. Click here to get more info on the event. Here is Yelle myspace if you have never heard of her. And last but not least here is Muscle Hawks Facebook and Myspace get over there and show them some love and if there is a certain song you want....befriend them and im sure they could probably send you a copy, or you could just buy a song... :)

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