Monday, December 19, 2011

The New Wave of Moombahton | Volume 1

Generation Bass just released a new compilation for all us to enjoy! The compilation has over 30 moombahton tracks made by producers from all over the world and I can't be more excited to share this with everyone!

Check the tracklist out!


Dskotek – Ride of Valkyrie (Noms Remix)
Paul David – Red Light
SLVRSNKRS – Moombacid Bounce
Cabo Blanco – La Fiesta
2Deep – Carnaval Trix
Kid Cedek – 20: T.W.E.L.V.E.
Shelco Garcia – Party hopin Feat. Teen Wolf
Carrier/J-Trick – Turnip The Base
gLAdiator – Brand New
Afrojack – Replica (Ronaissance Moombahton Remix)
BIGMAKK – Heads High
CoreyCorey Haim – Ku Chi Ta Chi
Arehouse – Besame Ahora O Nunca
Mango Troops – Luna & Soul Dub
ZSonic -93 Avenue Roi Baudouin
Chong X – Dobry Den
Hoodwink – Hoodwink Theme
Heisenberg – Powder Glory


Prodjé – She’s a Hoot
OktoRed & Warlord – Got It
somejerk – Busy Riddim
babySTEPS – I Can’t Stand The Rain
Freaky Philip – Coño
Cabo Blanco – Latinas Rule
Paul David – Stylin
Puga – Break
Jabo – Zamoh.
Frandomeda vs Mango Troops – Andromeda
MJ Cole_Southern Electric (banginclude moombah remix)
Modabot – Fabulosa
AntonKemmeren – Zorros Fighting Legion
Kick Around Sounds – Waltz Me
ZSonic ft. Hatsune Miku – J-Polkaton
La Muerta – Amores De La Ghetto (Silenton refixx)

Download links:
Side 1
Side 2

Sunday, December 18, 2011

NightFreq & Rckles Bass Hooliganz Present: Hallows Feat. ETC ETC + ARSNL + Ultra Cat + Crunch Theory & FAUST

Tonight is my official birthday party. Ultra Cat & myself managed to link up with our friends Rckles Bass Hooliganz, ArntreLA, ChwYrVtmns & our boy ETC ETC. Nightfreq in LA has just BEGUN. I did a post on our other blog Im running short on time so here is the event info! cheers!

Event Info:
The Room
1626 N Cahuenga Blvd
Hollywood, CA

-Free Admission

Set times-Schedule:Bold
9-9:30 // Crunch Theory
9:30-10:30 // Ultra Cat
10:30-11 // Crunch Theory
11-12 // ETC ETC
12-1 // Arsnl
1-2 // FAUST

Friday, December 16, 2011


First and foremost we want to thank all you party people for your strong livers and dancing feet that made this year unforgettable. NIGHTFREQ would not have been successful as it has been without your continued support. So thank YOU it truly means a lot to us! YOU are the
ones that make the party.

As we say goodbye to a great 2011, we want to ring in 2012 right with our friends and make this last day of the year count! Come count down and celebrate with us!!

There will be photography so get dressed in your get up. Reminder, this is

▷FREE BEFORE 10:00 | 5$ After◃

Beats will be provided by:






✚Our special guest, DJ Goobers

Hope to see you all there.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hallows | December 18th, 2011 | ETC!ETC!

This Sunday, December 18th, 2011, we’ll be celebrating our buddy Arsnl’s birthday in Hollywood, CA at a party called Hallows. Hallows is a monthly party our friends over at RCKLES BASS HOOLIGANZ throw! This month they’re going to have ETC!ETC! come through along with Crunch Theory, Faust, and myself.

Jose Geuerrero, aka ETC!ETC!, is a L.A. based electro house DJ/Producer. His music ranges from 108 to 130 bpm. He's recently had major support for his music from heavy hitters like AC Slater, CongoRock, DJ Chuckie, Felix da House Cat, KissySellOut, Figure, and WolfGang Gartner; just to name a few. He's also the Vice President of ROT10Musik Records.

ROT10MUSIK is a label breaking ground for new artists in the scene and building them up to become solid artist. The record label is doing big things right now, make sure to check out their website ! A couple months ago in Long Beach, California at a party called "Reset"  I was able to catch up with him and ask him a couple questions. In this video he explains how he got his name and also updates us on some future releases he has coming out soon! Check it out!

That's What's Up L.A. | ETC! ETC! from That's What's Up L.A. on Vimeo.

Here's a little sample of the tracks ETC!ETC! is talking about in the video. KissySellOut played a preview of both of the songs that are soon to be released from ETC!ETC! on his BBC 1 radio show.

Kissy Sell Out Drops 2 New Tunes! (Hold Tha Line & Bluh!) 9.8.11 by ETC!ETC!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Kill The Noise - Talk To Me (Free)

Kill The Noise - Talk To Me by UnleashYourMind

As you guys surely already know that Kill The Noise released his huge debute EP 2 weeks ago, KILL KILL KILL and man it is a psycho killer! 10 heavy tracks and some remixes from Dillion Francis,Brown and Gammon, Alvin Risk and KOAN Sound.

1. Kill The Noise (Part I)Original Mix
2. Deal With ItOriginal Mix
3. Real Life?Original Mix
4. She Likes To PartyOriginal Mix
5. Talk To MeOriginal Mix
6. Dying feat. Ultraviolet Sound & Emily HudsonOriginal Mix
7. Kill The NoiseDillon Francis Remix
8. Dying feat. Ultraviolet Sound & Emily HudsonBrown & Gammon Remix
9. Kill The NoiseAlvin Risk Remix
10. Deal With ItKOAN Sound Remix

Sunday, December 11, 2011

NT89 & Burns - Traffic

On one hand, we have the Italian powerhouse and former Bloody Beetroots acolyte Nima Tahmasebi aka NT89, and on the other, we have London-based Scot Matt Burns, both of whom have been known to descend into epic rave territory in their productions when the mood strikes. So what happens when the two start to work together? Well, Erol Alkan saying 'damn, it's big' should give you one clue. Press play on this bad boy, turn it right up, and you're unleashing some of the most lunatic acid-stabbed drops anyone's heard all year. In any club setting, this would all but drown the audience by 3:30, which is exactly how hard-edged superstar DJs like it. From Attaque's latest mixtape for Bad Life.

Read more about NT89 here:
Read more about Burns here: