Monday, February 28, 2011



I have been working on this mixtape for a minute and I just got done with it. Tell me what you think about it. It is an interpretation of what I think Europe would sound like if I were to ever wander its majestic lands. Enjoy cyber people. Track list will be up soon.........I'll get may lazy ass to put it up.

What I Think Europe Sounds Like by MSTRSHREDDER by NIGHTFREQ

Thursday, February 24, 2011




We are having a kick back party at The Opium Lounge which is directly above The Hotel's bar and nightclub main dance area. This is a launch party for our upcoming show with La Zebra on March 26 at The W Lounge. Also that night we will be announcing our new
NIGHTFREQ Dj to bless the decks. We have a special night instore as we celebrate our homegirl CHELSEA SEIFERS & Our Homeboy CHARLIE HESS birthday! This is a NIGHTFREQ night so expect that dirty, bassey, wobbly dance music you can freak to. This is a strictly RSVP party only. You will not be permitted to enter the opium lounge unless you RSVP. So dont miss out on our kick back party. See you there.



The Opium Lounge is @ The Hotel bar/nightclub
155 South 200 West SLC, UT

Entrance to The Opium lounge is on the right side of the main entrance up the stairs. See you there.



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Interview with NEN's Kidplastik

"Kidplastik, aka Drew Taylor, is a pixel-player by day and dance-floor-slayer by night - known for both his DJing and a Design. Kidplastik has worked for and supported artists such as Le Castle Vania, Classixx, Villains, Shinichi Osawa, Lies in Disguise, Eli Smith, Lazrtag, 80Kidz and Kids at the Bar. He has performed at events around the world varying from clubs in Tokyo to the Swatch MTV Playground event in Beijing to raves in the middle of a Utah desert. " . .

So let's go back to the beginning for the folks who aren't to familiar with you, talented boys. What is NEN?

NEN stands for Never Eat Neon. Which is a DJ duo team and combined forces of myself, Kidplastik, and good friend, Hot Noise. I would like to say the name "Never Eat Neon" means something, but it really doesn't. This is common with a lot of projects I do. I just start bouncing words around in my head and eventually decide on a word or a combination of words that sound right. Even if they don't have a specific meaning. I was actually living in China when Jeff (Hot Noise) and I decided to do NEN. Jeff had come out to visit me in Shanghai and we played several shows out there together. I was planning on moving back to Salt Lake City, so we decided to team up officially.

Who is Kidplastik?

Kidplastik was created as my moniker for designing under back in 2004 before I even started DJing. When I started DJing I was living in Shanghai, and many people already knew me under that name. So to keep it easy I decided to use it for both my DJ name and my design name.

What would you say influences NEN's sound the most?

The cool thing about NEN and DJing with a partner is that you both bring something to the table. Jeff and I both bring our own inspirations into what we do, but I would say a constant source of inspiration for us is the people on the dance floor. That's what keeps me wanting to continue playing shows. Creating a way for people to dance, have fun and connect through music is the root inspiration for us and most DJs I think.

On thursday Febuary 17th, what would you say the goal was for NEN?

It had been almost a year since NEN had played. Jeff and I had been talking for a long time about doing a show that would raise the bar for shows in the local dance scene here in SLC. It seems like we as local DJs had gotten a little complacent and we wanted to do something different. We wanted to try to put on more of a "show". That is the main reason we chose The Urban Lounge, because for the most part that's been used as a live music venue. We also dumped a lot of our own money and time into the visuals and stage setup hoping that would add something different to the night. In addition to that we wanted people to come, get drunk, dance and have a shitload of fun!

What was the theme of the show, I and many others noticed all the cool visuals and shots of guns!

We didn't really have a set theme for the night in general. But for visuals I wanted a very retro, faded almost VHS look. A lot of visuals for DJ performances are very clean, crisp and polished. I wanted the opposite of that.

What inspired those specific visuals?

I watch a lot of the music videos coming out for musicians like Washed Out, How To Dress Well, Twin Shadow and Neon Indian. They all have these music videos that reminds me of watching movies like 'Condor Man' on my parents VHS player. Oh, and Japanese girls.

Should we expect more at future shows?

I hope so. I also hope they get better and better, but the visuals are really time consuming. Anytime you are working with video you should expect really tedious work. But I think they add a lot to performances.

What feeling do you want to evoke out of the room when playing your set?

That kind of depends on the night and where I am playing. It kind of seems like that has evolved as I continue DJing as well. When I first started I would just throw random tracks back-to-back not caring. Really happy, fun tracks that were more dance-rockish. I just wanted people to party and didn't care as much about the technical aspect of DJing. Now when I am playing with NEN I think it's more about creating a certain mood throughout the entire set. Building it up and dropping it back down at the right times. When I DJ on my own as Kidplastik I would say my sets are more lighthearted and I just want people to have fun.

What was your favorite track to drop that night?

That's a hard one. I think the intro track was perfect to set the tone, which was 'Reborn' by F.O.O.L.. It starts out really ominous sounding and then hits REALLY hard. I like to start out my sets with something really heavy to let people know we're not messing around. I also really like The 8th Era Bootleg Edit of 'Liquid' by Clouds, it's super bouncy.

Did any of the tracks get a reaction you hadn't expected?

. .I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.

What was your thoughts on the overall night?

It's always hard when you are the ones organizing the event and also headlining the event. I am always really concerned about how it's going to go, so maybe I am not as relaxed as I should be. Overall though I think it went really well. We have gotten a lot of good feedback from the night, and we had a full dance floor until well after last call which is rare for The Urban Lounge. Looking forward to next time!

My Interview with Diplo :-)

Diplo, is a Philly based DJ, Producer and songwirter, oh and he owns the label Mad Decent. Simply put, he's the shhhhh. So when I got a chance to throw him some questions, I might of leaped, just a tad but can you blame me?

Who is Diplo?

What about you makes you Diplo?

Just doing this thing which there is nothing that i know of, that has been already done as "diplo".
What first inspired you to DJ, produce and eventually start a record label?

Whats the Mad Decent Mantra?

Stay in school and only do drugs when necessary.

What's Diplo's mantra?

Pull and Pray.
Everything you do seems to turn to gold, what's your secret?


What's your favorite track to drop right now?


What's been your favorite show to play, so far this year and why?

This past weekend at a restaurant at LAX... it was sweaty and cheap and at the airport where people have barmitzvas .. like 2k kids .. reminded me of where i came up in philly..
thats rare these days of super-clubs and bottle service

What genre's have you been dipping into lately, when it comes to producing ?


Who's you're favorite person to work with?

My hand

Is there any one in particular we should be watching this year on the Mad Decent label?

Dawn golden and rosy cross! New rusko and the POPO.

Anyone out right now, you can't get enough of?


Does Mad Decent have anything in store for the Kiddies here in Salt Lake City, UT?

Hmmmm :/ .

My Interview with NEN's Hot Noise

Salt Lake City's Hot Noise aka Jeff larson enjoys showing the kids in Utah how it's done, when it comes to getting down with one's bad self. We're all forever grateful to him, for bringing the scene into Salt Lake and showing Utah what it means to rave. On Thursday, February 18th with his friend Kidplastik, he showed us why we love NEN. Serato + Hot Noise = beautiful chaos on the dance floor!
To the beginning for the folks who aren't to familiar with you, talented boys. What is NEN?

Never Eat Neon is a collaborative project between me and my good friend Drew Taylor a.k.a. (Kidplastik). We met a few years back through a mutual friend of ours, I had just moved back to Salt Lake City and had began to DJ at a few nightclubs around the city. Our friend had been out to a few of my shows and mentioned that Drew had pretty similar musical taste. I was pretty excited to hear that since there weren't very many people I knew of that were playing that type of electro in SLC at the time. We met up and formed NEN shortly after.

Who is Hot Noise?

A guy that likes to play records haha.

What would you say influences NEN's sound the most?

Wow, well, I would say that we are both influenced by lots of different music, not just electro, and a lot of different genres make it into our DJ sets. Drew and I have similar tastes in music, but there is a lot of stuff he will play that I wouldn't ever think to. That is one of the most fun parts of DJing in a Duo and putting a show together, the fact that each individual brings there own style to the table. I get so amped when I hear Drew play something I would have never thought of playing and vice versa. We both try to do something unique when DJing together, and it's a lot of fun to see how it all comes together and translates on to the dancefloor.

On thursday February 18th, what would you say the goal was for NEN?

Thursdays show was something Drew and I had been talking about and planning for awhile. We just wanted to put together a crazy show, and invite some of our close friends to come play a party with us. In the end that's what it's all about, good music and good friends. Big thanks to Muscle Hawk and Corey Bolo for playing the show with us, both are extremely talented at what they do, Corey is one of the only DJs in Salt Lake that I know of, that still plays all Vinyl DJ sets, and coming from a vinyl background myself, I have mad respect for his skills on the turntables. Muscle hawk are good friends of ours as well, and I think those guys are producing some of the best original electro to come out of Salt Lake.

What was the theme of the show, I and many others noticed all the cool visuals and shots of guns!

There wasn't really specific theme we were going for, we just wanted to add some elements that were lacking in previous shows, and I think that the right visuals can take any show from good to amazing.

What inspired those specific visuals?

Drugs haha J/K. I don't know really, Drew was more of the mastermind behind those visuals, that dude comes up with some wild shit.

Should we expect more at future shows?

Oh definitely, each time we play we always try to up the production value of our shows. I think it keeps people coming back, just because they don't know what to expect, except for that it will be even bigger and better than the last time.

What feeling do you want to evoke, out of the room when playing your set?

One thing that I hear people say to us a lot after a show is how high energy our parties are. I love to hear that, because that is exactly our intention. Both Drew and I are pretty animated on stage, We just love to get into the music, and I think that that vibe is definitely felt by the crowd. If we have to scrape people off the walls and the ceilings at the end of a show, then I've felt we have done our job properly haha.

What was your favorite track to drop that night?

Hmm that's a tough one, there is so much new music I'm amped on right now. If I had to pick one track I would maybe say the new remix that Fake Blood did for Noah and the Whale. I love everything that guy produces.

Did any of the tracks get a reaction you hadn't expected?

Sometimes I'll drop something in a set that I feel is pretty obscure, and I'm not too sure how the crowd will react to it, but I'm usually pleasantly surprised at how well those tracks are received. That's why I love playing shows in Salt Lake. Kids are just amped to hear new music, and as long as it is good, people will get into it. That's probably my favorite part about DJing, is digging really hard for that one track no one else is playing and then sharing that with people and seeing them enjoy it.

What was your overall feeling with the night?

I felt it was a crazy night for sure, Drew and I planned the night with the intention of making it more like a show, instead of two dudes up there DJing a party. You can go out to any nightclub any day of the week and see that, so we wanted to make it special and different, ya know, give the crowd their moneys worth. I feel we accomplished that. I also have to give a big thanks to Chris Wright and the rest of the crew at Urban Lounge for working with us on putting this show together, all those guys are great to work with and handle everything very professionally. Definitely one of my favorite venues in Salt Lake City.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Corey Bolo + Muscle Hawk + NEN = One Hell of A Night

On Thursday, February 18th, the Urban Lounge was destroyed. It had been so long since the duo NEN had graced the stage. When they came back to us, they came back in full force, with a crazy line up to seduce our ears that night and mmm, did they get that job done. The night from beginning to end was a wonder blast. Yes wonder-blast, let me explain.

First up we had everyone's favorite FICE guy, Corey Bolo grace the 1's and 2's playing straight vinyl, for those of you who don't know, that spells dedication. Corey helped get the crowd going by playing sexy grooves and crazy gotta love em old school bangers that made everyone lose their shitake mushrooms. So amazing and such a good way to prepare for Muscle Hawk.

Muscle Hawk, gotta love em. They ALWAYS bring the house down with electronic funky sexy vibes, the things the lead singer Josh Holyoak can do with his voice is enough reason to go watch them, seriously it's crazy. Than you have the talented Greg Bower behind the keys whom in my opinion is always a joy to watch, you can feel his energy off stage just wonder-blasting you in the face. It's awesome and also a good way to ready one's self for what came next, NEN.

What can I say, NEN (Never Eat NeoN) is well Kidplastik and Hot Noise, what else can one expect? These boys know how to put on a show, I was pretty ADD by the time they came on, but once they played their first song and the lights came down, the televisions went on, life stopped and I was enthralled. They made us believe again, it was an experience that I wish i could bestow upon all my friends, but you really had to be there . .there were like Asian chicks with guns . .yeah, you read that.

The show all together was done perfectly and something I hope, will happen again soon . .hint,hint.

I was lucky enough to nab an interview with NEN and Muscle Hawk. It's awesome, so you should probably read it, just saying.

Peace, Love and Maybe Drugs,
XoXoX MaMa BeatZ <3

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NIGHTFREQ Mixtape Series Vol. 1


We are gonna make a mixtape series so everybody hold on to your butts as Samuel L. Jackson would say "Direct quote form Jurassic Park" Lets Fuckin party. The first mixtape is from me MSTRSHREDDER and lets just say i like to PARTY!!!!! Listen to it and enjoy the sounds of NIGHTFREQ. We will have more mixtapes coming soon, we will keep you posted. Download and enjoy....Oh yeah the playlist will up soon. I just gotta get my lazy ass to put it together. Peace.


Boys Noize played his unreleased track ION!!!!!

Been reading up on other blogs and this always seems to pop up so i decieded to do a post on it. Im guessing Boys Noize has a new unreleased track up his sleeve, I dont know the name of it yet but its classic Boys Noize and I WANT IT!!!! Above is the youtube preview when he dropped it at his set at Alte Kongresshalle in München on 12 Feb 2011. Enjoy party people

Special present. If you dont have it already its Boys Noize-Nerve (Hey Today! Remix) in my opinion the best remix of Boys Noizes- Nerve. He dropped it at HARD Halloween last year and it kicked my ass.

Boys Noize- Herve (Hey Today! Remix)

Monday, February 14, 2011

CWMA DJ Spin off Winner! Flash & Flare


My homeboy and confidant was the winner of this years City Weekly Music Awards Dj Spin off! It was a long time coming. He has been putting in work for about two years and has been grindin for a minute now and it has paid off "WAY TO GO PLAYA!!!" anyways his set at the club was a fuckin monster and he just so happened to record a mix-tape of that night. Below will be the sound cloud player so you can hear the music that gave me an erection that night. Heads up....for those that like mohombaton.....I dont know if i spelled that right, but if you like it he lays it on thick. Enjoy.

2011 CWMA Spin-off by Flash & Flare

Also my homeboy NAWM also played that night and he is with EDP Recs so check that out. Here is the here to see their webpage.

Zedd- Autonomy ( Lucky Date Remix)


Don't know much about this Zedd guy, but all i know is that Lucky Date is putting in WORK! This remix he did Zedd's Autonomy has a real nice dutch house feel to it, and it kinda reminds me of Mumbai Science in the way that it keeps going up and up and up!!!!!! Here is lucky Dates sound cloud so show him some love....Click here!!!! Enjoy the song and the download link is right below :)

Zedd-Autonomy (Lucky Date Remix)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Señor Stereo

After released their debut EP ‘Unintentional’ EP last June, the disco-inspired trio of Gigamesh, Danny Daze and Joe Maz known as Señor Stereo just dropped a remix version on Slow Roast Records. The new remix EP, featuring Treasure Fingers, Gigamesh, Nadastrom, U-Tern and J Craze on remix duties! Get your party started by downloading U-Tern’s banging remix of Señor Stereo’s ‘Unintentional’. Go!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dam Funk - Hood Pass Intact ( Video)

Known as Los Angeles' "Ambassador of Boogie Funk," Dãm-Funkrepresents the citizens of the Funkmosphere. Headquartered in the Leimert Park section of L.A., Dãm (pronounced: 'Dame' as in Damon) spent the last few years cultivating a musical renaissance rooted in the early-'80s styles known as Boogie, Modern Soul and Electro-Funk.

As a DJ/selector, Dãm attracts the most discerning Boogie Funk afficionados within driving distance of his storied Monday-night Funkmosphere parties. But it's not just collectors at the bar toasting to the melodic sounds. Anyone who grooves to the likes of Slave, Aurra, early Prince, Prelude Records and the like, will get a dose of those groups' unknown contemporaries – more obscure but equally Funk-worthy.

The next phase of the Ambassador's mission is his debut album
Toeachizown: continuing the classic West Coast tradition into today's scene with Dãm's own original "Modern-Funk" compositions. By plugging in his arsenal of vintage synths and drum machines, Dãm channels the galactic harmonies of his inspiration into his own brand of new boogie. Stones Throw Records' like-minded honcho Peanut Butter Wolf brought Dãm on to the team to glide into the future with his unique, synth and bass-driven vibe. It's a promising new chapter for Southern Cali space funk.

Moullinex - Catalina ( Video)

Moullinex - Catalina from Moullinex on Vimeo.

What can i say about this superb producer, He is Luis Clara Gomes, Originally from Viseu, a small country side town in Portugal, If there is an underlying trait in all good music, it must be its ability to crush boundaries between genres, dancefloors, and couches. This gentleman most definitely knows how to create unique music with his fresh and unique style. Long Live Moullinex!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011



Before NIGHTFREQ got into the scene there was a duo called Never Eat Neon and they were destroying the scene and it consisted of Hot Noise (Jeff Larson) and Kid Plastik (Drew Taylor). Their Heavy electro and dirty basslines would bring down the house everytime, EVERYTIME! Jeff stayed in the city and kept the electro scene alive in S.L.C. and drew went to China. Well they are back! And they are gonna play a huge show this February 17 at The Urban Lounge. So get ready to Fuckin Rage! I forgot to mention that our home town heroes MUSCLE HAWK will be playing with them and also Corey Bolo one of our local boutique owners ( Shout out to FICE) will be on the decks droppin hammers. Below is also a promo vid for Muscle Hawk and how they like to do it! Check them both out cause you know you want tooooo!
here are the details and Links:

Muscle Hawk Facebook
Muscle Hawk myspace
Hot noise
FICE website
FICE facebook

Infinity+1 & The

NEN Teaser from Drew Taylor on Vimeo.


NEVER EAT NEON @ Urban Lounge

Never Eat Neon Returns to Urban Lounge Bigger, Stronger, and equipped with more audio ammunition than ever before.


Thursday February 17th

We are taking over Urban Lounge in Downtown Salt Lake for one night of heavily fueled dance floor madness and we have invited some of our close friends to help us rock the party.


DJ Sets Performed By:

-Never Eat Neon

-Corey Bolo

-Muscle Hawk


Come Party with us as we stimulate your senses with eye popping visuals, enveloping sound, and the most cutting edge in Electronic music.

Doors Open @ 9:00 PM


Urban Lounge
241 South 500 East
Salt Lake City, UT, 84102

Our homeboy's LBCK's European tour!


Well I must say that when I talk about LBCK I feel like they are my children and I saw them rise to success. They were our first big act for NIGHTFREQ and I must say they are doing very well. They just came back from their European tour and they got to hang out with some big hitters in France.....Im not gonna say who, so you are just gonna have to watch the video to find out. Also they have put up a new track entitled "Lift you Up" they have a Daft Punk sample and it's quite nice. This will all be available to you below this paragraph :) ENJOI

LBCK 'European Adventure' Tour Video from LBCK on Vimeo.

Lift You Up (Original Mix) by LBCK

Click Here to download the "Lift You Up" track