Thursday, October 7, 2010


Nightfreq Halloween

NIGHTFREQ is back again with its October installment of parties, but this time we teamed up with An October evening so hold on to your butts.
An October evening is......Well ill let them explain.
The fall season is upon us... haunted houses open up, the weather subsides, and there's a certain magic in the air as Utah's very first Halloween themed art show opens its doors to the local community for a night of fun and frightful festivities. We will be celebrating our fifth year of “An October Evening” with film, fashion, dance, live acts, and music all presented by independent/local artists. This years event is brought to by Stephen Simmons, Matthew Pool, and Christel Edwards. To get all the latest info on "An October Evening," please visit our websites at:
Their after party will be.....yes, a NIGHTFREQ event people this is gonna be huge!!! Not to mention we are bringing out LBCK from long beach to rock with us at the W Lounge.
Is an American electronic music duo consisting of Alex Noblé and Luigi III. The duo is one of the many successful acts signed to the french label On The Fruit Records. They are based out of Long Beach, CA (the name is an acronym, meaning Long Beach City Kids). LBCK is known for incorporating a strong disco and indie influence into their music and image. Their genre of music is likened to French filtered disco house and banging nu-disco, with a broad range of influences from Pink Floyd to Sam Cooke. But the bottom line is that they love to party, and if you do too, beg for your local venues to book them as quickly as possible, since their tour dates are already starting to stack up.

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What you get when you come to this party you ask? Well here it is:

-October evening after party which is gonna be huge
-Free 3-D glasses to the first 250 people that show up
-First time Debut of LBCK in Salt Lake City
-3-D Disco Dance party...The first in Utah History!!!!!!!
-The Debut of Local electronic dj duo Midnight Magnets

Dj Line up:








RECAP: October evening after party, 3-D disco dance party and LBCK. Get ready to dance you hipsters. This night is gonna be HUGE!!!!
Flosstradamus Interview In SLC Nuff Said !

Flosstradamus Interview In SLC Nuff Said !