Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sexy Music


Hello digital world, i dont know who is out there but i appreciate the love you guys give. Here is another installment of "BANGERS" I will post up maybe five tracks or less it depends how ambitious i am to put all these tracks on the interweb. These tracks ive tested at dance clubs and they make people freak the F**k out. These are 12:00-1:00 am tracks. You have to make sure the crowd is drunk enough to appreciate these tracks. So with that being said enjoi the tracks and put them on your next play list at the club or just getting to the club, cause they is good!

The first track is from Felix Cartal. He has been getting a lot of buzz and with a track like the Joker its fitting that he finally gets into the lime light. I first heard this track when Red Bull did some sort of event in Montreal and this track was playing in the background. It got my attention.....shit is tight. Next track is from South Central, i have to say i havent heard shit from them in a while but this Baxen remix just blew me away this remix is tough as nails. This song is from Kill the Noise and it is a definite rave anthem! This song always kicks my ass and its a classic in my arsnl!!!! Next up we have TAI feat Steve Aoki its a LA Riots remix and this is a song that will destroy everything in its path so beware :) The next song is by Sydney Samson and this is a classic song too. Lets just say the world is yours.....wait for the second "DROP!!!!"
Sorry for all the chit chat i wont be such a chatty Kathy next time. Peace.

Until next time Freq's this should be enough. Sorry about not putting the track names up above the song player, im still green when it comes to this bloggin shit so cut me some slack. Here are the track names
1) Felix cartal- the joker
2) South Central- the day i die (braxen remix)
3) Kill the Noise- Jokes on you
4) TAI feat Steve Aoki- paradise poltergeist (L.A. Riots remix)
5) Sydney Samson- The world is yours

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