Monday, November 22, 2010


Im trying to get the hang of this posting stuff, so here goes nothing. I was doin some diggin in the world wide web and i came across this Felix Cartal song called Joker and its anything but that. This song is tough and i like it. His other songs are okay but he is really stepping up his production and this song is proof. Peep this shit! You cant download it here, but you people are resourcefull......get on it! Or you could be a homie and support his ASS!!!! BEATPORT.

Montreal dreams is pretty good tooooo.

Felix Cartal - Joker (preview) by Felix Cartal

Felix Cartal -Montreal Dreams by Felix Cartal

To download montreal dreams there is a http:// link copy and paste it to you browser and you will be taken to the download site. I know its a run around way, but until I learn the best way, this will have to do.