Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Corey Bolo + Muscle Hawk + NEN = One Hell of A Night

On Thursday, February 18th, the Urban Lounge was destroyed. It had been so long since the duo NEN had graced the stage. When they came back to us, they came back in full force, with a crazy line up to seduce our ears that night and mmm, did they get that job done. The night from beginning to end was a wonder blast. Yes wonder-blast, let me explain.

First up we had everyone's favorite FICE guy, Corey Bolo grace the 1's and 2's playing straight vinyl, for those of you who don't know, that spells dedication. Corey helped get the crowd going by playing sexy grooves and crazy gotta love em old school bangers that made everyone lose their shitake mushrooms. So amazing and such a good way to prepare for Muscle Hawk.

Muscle Hawk, gotta love em. They ALWAYS bring the house down with electronic funky sexy vibes, the things the lead singer Josh Holyoak can do with his voice is enough reason to go watch them, seriously it's crazy. Than you have the talented Greg Bower behind the keys whom in my opinion is always a joy to watch, you can feel his energy off stage just wonder-blasting you in the face. It's awesome and also a good way to ready one's self for what came next, NEN.

What can I say, NEN (Never Eat NeoN) is well Kidplastik and Hot Noise, what else can one expect? These boys know how to put on a show, I was pretty ADD by the time they came on, but once they played their first song and the lights came down, the televisions went on, life stopped and I was enthralled. They made us believe again, it was an experience that I wish i could bestow upon all my friends, but you really had to be there . .there were like Asian chicks with guns . .yeah, you read that.

The show all together was done perfectly and something I hope, will happen again soon . .hint,hint.

I was lucky enough to nab an interview with NEN and Muscle Hawk. It's awesome, so you should probably read it, just saying.

Peace, Love and Maybe Drugs,
XoXoX MaMa BeatZ <3

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