Monday, February 14, 2011

CWMA DJ Spin off Winner! Flash & Flare


My homeboy and confidant was the winner of this years City Weekly Music Awards Dj Spin off! It was a long time coming. He has been putting in work for about two years and has been grindin for a minute now and it has paid off "WAY TO GO PLAYA!!!" anyways his set at the club was a fuckin monster and he just so happened to record a mix-tape of that night. Below will be the sound cloud player so you can hear the music that gave me an erection that night. Heads up....for those that like mohombaton.....I dont know if i spelled that right, but if you like it he lays it on thick. Enjoy.

2011 CWMA Spin-off by Flash & Flare

Also my homeboy NAWM also played that night and he is with EDP Recs so check that out. Here is the here to see their webpage.

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