Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Interview with Diplo :-)

Diplo, is a Philly based DJ, Producer and songwirter, oh and he owns the label Mad Decent. Simply put, he's the shhhhh. So when I got a chance to throw him some questions, I might of leaped, just a tad but can you blame me?

Who is Diplo?

What about you makes you Diplo?

Just doing this thing which there is nothing that i know of, that has been already done as "diplo".
What first inspired you to DJ, produce and eventually start a record label?

Whats the Mad Decent Mantra?

Stay in school and only do drugs when necessary.

What's Diplo's mantra?

Pull and Pray.
Everything you do seems to turn to gold, what's your secret?


What's your favorite track to drop right now?


What's been your favorite show to play, so far this year and why?

This past weekend at a restaurant at LAX... it was sweaty and cheap and at the airport where people have barmitzvas .. like 2k kids .. reminded me of where i came up in philly..
thats rare these days of super-clubs and bottle service

What genre's have you been dipping into lately, when it comes to producing ?


Who's you're favorite person to work with?

My hand

Is there any one in particular we should be watching this year on the Mad Decent label?

Dawn golden and rosy cross! New rusko and the POPO.

Anyone out right now, you can't get enough of?


Does Mad Decent have anything in store for the Kiddies here in Salt Lake City, UT?

Hmmmm :/ .

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