Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lets "Ride the Universe" shall we :)


I was listening to this mixtape and there was a certain remix by Chromeo that really stood out to me. It was by a group by the name Ride the Universe. Consisiting of so cal trio Fiero and Germany's Digitalfoxlove. The sounds they are pushing are spacey and disco-ey? I hope that a word, but in my opinion that what they sound like AND I LIKE IT! This was a good track and i featured it on my end of summer mixe tape. I hope you enjoy this track as much as me, cause its the bomb. Show these guys some love on thier sound cloud will yah!------->Ride the Universe
Also included a minimix, enjoy the music kids. Have a good WEEKEND FOOLS!!!

Chromeo - Hot Mess (Ride The Universe Remix) by Ride The Universe

Panda People - Sophisticated Girl (Ride The Universe Remix) by Ride The Universe

Ride The Universe - Fear of Tigers Minimix by Ride The Universe

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