Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Felix Cartal – “The Joker” Remixes – Out Today – iTunes Exclusive!

He may be one of the most innovative DJs to enter the scene; at only twenty-one years old his mark on dance music is already impacting young(er) producers, before leading his own tour. In a world of heavy, hard-hitting bangers, Cartal is developing music of this genre into a more complex and theoretical form, revolutionizing the way dance music is created, “Felix Cartal is part of a new breed of young producers taking elements of his contemporaries and making a massive sound in his production,” Steve Aoki, Founder of Dim Mak Records. Knocking down boundaries of expectations and changing perspectives, Felix stands alone in his uniqueness of producing dance tracks; never steering from the melody, he lays certain elements from modern productions, adds meticulously chosen tracks combed together to develop explosive versatile music.

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