Wednesday, September 14, 2011

F.O.O.L Call to Krieg


I got this ep right now as i am typing this review on it. The first track to arms is what you expect for and introductory track.....Just that, It gets you pumped up for what is to come. The song goes for about 2 minutes before there is life breathed into it with the arpeggiated synth leads which i thought were pretty cool. The second track Krieg is okay it starts with these violin leads that basically send you off to the battle field, well at least thats what it felt like. Then it does a little drop with the crunchy bass and some synth leads. the overall song was okay....oh yeah and then theres the guys that says " This is it Marines! Lets Go!" then it goes back to the battle field. The third track Machine Gun picks up where Kreig left off and at about 39 seconds you say HEY thats the F.O.O.L i know! It starts getting gritty and crunchy just as i am accustomed to the F.O.O.L enterprise. It starts going into some sort of Castlevania rift and you fuckin get shot into OUTER SPACE! Then it goes and settles down and you hear all the pandemonium that is F.O.O.L!


The Nadisco remix of Krieg is pretty tight i like it! I made the song punchier in all the right places and makes you wanna "GET EM" (cheese i know) it has the french crunchy bass and the glitches in all the right places.

The Ugly Kids remix really didint add much to the song at all it just made it softer as opposed to harder which would have been better in my opinion.

I put the Nadisco song at the bottom so you guys can enjoy it. See you guys soooooon im out.

F.O.O.L - Krieg (Nadisko Remix) *free download* by Nadisko

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