Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Not gonna lie when i came across this track those boys from Midnight Conspiracy really know how to get the party started! This track is a straight up banger and the footy with the video shows how much exposure these kids are getting in chi-town. They are KILL POP record artists and lets just say us at NIGHTFREQ know a little about KILL POP :) Not to mention Eli Smith was nice enough to give us a sneak peek of the whole track. You kids better be ready for the release on September 27 cause its gonna bang Hard! Also The Chaotic God was nice enough to remix the track and give it out fo FREEE SUCKAHS! show him some love and check out his sound cloud and facebook foooools. Do it right here!!!!!-----> sound cloud
Also check out Midnight Conpiracy right here------> Soundcloud
Im out.

Midnight Conspiracy - Discord (The Chaotic Good Remix) **FREE Download** by Midnight Conspiracy

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