Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Ol' Lady


I was looking through some music on my library and i stumbled upon this song called Banksters by Dope Stars Inc. Patrick Ganino & Julian Jovanovski are the pair that create Your Ol’ Lady. the kids who remixed this song and made it a fuckin banger! These two Melbourne boys are only 18 and are producing some really fuckin good thrash electro! Makes me wanna punch everybody around me! They kinda have a SebastiAn vibe because of thier heavy metal thrash influences but fuck it! Take a listen. Oh yeah the last song i will post of thiers is kind of a disco song, its Rick James and you cant go wrong with Rick James. You know what they say " Cocaine is a hell of a drug".

Dope Stars Inc - Banksters (Your Ol' Lady Remix) [FREE] by Your Ol' Lady

Your Ol' Lady - Rorque by Your Ol' Lady

Your Ol' Lady - Grubshuck (Preview) by Your Ol' Lady

Your Ol' Lady & Dead C∆T Bounce - Nuketown (Preview) by Your Ol' Lady

Andy's iLL - Grind Fair (Your Ol' Lady Remix) by Your Ol' Lady

Rick James by Your Ol' Lady

Holy shit i have been posting like a mad man! I had to get it all out of my system...phew.

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