Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jrapp and the Bass Machine


So me and Jrapp we got ta talkin and we decided to make mixtapes for each other blogs and we did :) case closed! So i made a kind of end of summer mix with some heavy 80's influenced dance electro tunes and homeboy Jrapp made this swagged out mix tape with some real nice bass and some cool dance tunes ( shit gets grimy! be ready). Lets just say you basically get hooked just by the intro. Shit is hilarious....the dialogue the guy and girl have is priceless. Okay, Okay enough of me blabbing and lets get to the mixtape already. If you havent checked out thier site The Bass Machine......show them some love ;) DO IT NOW!!!

Oh yeah my homeboy Jrapp just got a release on Boe Recordings and you can get it right here. If you like it buy it!!!! Help him eat.

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