Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New JUSTICE- Audio, Video, Disco

Justice - AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO. by justice

So I got wind of the new Justice song.........and i heard it........and im on the fence about it. I dont hate it but i dont love it, but honestly how can you beat one of the best electronic music albums ever made in my opinion. This is gonna sound super cliche´ but pretty sure Justice is why i got into dance music in the first place. Anygay i guess i doesnt matter what i think all i know is that they are gonna drop the new album Oct 25 right? That is my contribution to the JUSTICE buzz i have been hearing abooot. The video is shot pretty fuckin rad so i cant complain about that.

Here is a littl treat :)

Justice- Stress (Auto Remix)

until next time im out.

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