Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Q&A with Felix Cartel

Felix Cartal is a Canadian born DJ and producer who has been blowing up in the electro scene this last year. He recently finished touring with Wolfgang Gartner and just played at the infamous Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas. I've had the pleasure of making his acquaintance on numerous occasions and thought what would be cooler than a quick Q&A with this incredibly talented dude.

Me - What first inspired you to DJ?

Felix - was never super conscious of trying to be a DJ. I was just making music
in my spare time, and needed a means to perform it after awhile. Much prefer
to consider myself a producer before anything else, but definitely don't
mind being known as a DJ as well!

Me - What was your favorite part about touring with Wolfgang Gartner ?

Felix -Naked Juice in the green room everyday. That shit is delicious.*

Me - What's your mantra?

Felix- Never pigeonhole yourself.*

Me -What do you have planned for the summer?

Felix -Doing some festivals in US and Europe. Working on my 2nd album. Trying to
finish this damn thing. Got some other music coming out as well, a release
with Keatch called 'Animals EP', thats due next month. And a big track I did
with Style of Eye called "The End." No release date for that yet!*

Me - What advice would you give to up and coming DJs ?

Felix - Produce produce produce. Get that hit. (I'm still working on it).

You can get more Felix on his blog and facebook!

Peace, Love and maybe Drugz
XoXoX, Mama Beatz

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