Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Mightyfools

The Mightyfools aka Andy Samin and Jelle Keizer met luckily in an empty club one night and got to talking.

Talking about their similiar love for electro music and their styles. Since then, they've been going non stop, especially with remixes for the Crookers and Tommie Sunshine on their repertoire.

Currently on tour taking the world on a bumpy electric ride of bass with original tracks like the banger "World Tour", they were nice enough to take time out of their busy schedule for an interview.

Me -How did you come up with the name Mightyfools?

Mightyfools - It's our approach to music and life, we're just doing what we like but we try to do it good!

Me - What inspired you to begin DJing as Mightyfools?

Mightyfools - Teamwork and our own productions, at first we were both DJing solo but after our first studio sessions together we noticed our similarities in taste and thought it would be awesome to play our productions out live together. When we look back, it was the right choice!

Me - What would you say influences your sound the most?

Mightyfools - Almost everything, the music we listen to, touring, life, whatever!

Me - What was the first venue you ever played at, how did it turn out, and how did it make you feel after?

Mightyfools - As Mightyfools it was in a small club in a city nearby, a tryout event by some friends of us. It happened to be sold out and everyone enjoyed our set so much we've ended up playing an extra hour. It felt great, and since then we always try to get back the same feeling after a show. While we're hundreds of shows later, we try to approach every gig as our first, and our last.

Me - What’s been your favorite event to play this year so far and why ?

Mightyfools - We've played in Budapest with Skrillex for 5000 people about a month ago. Besides Skrillex and his tour manager being great guys, the show was absolutely mental. Never seen people go crazier to our dj set. I mean, we saw crazy things, but this was just out of this world. The whole trip was memorable, everything fell into place that day. We had plenty of time to see some of the city, doing that tourist thing, breathing the atmosphere, eating local food, getting our drinks on so we were in the party vibe before even entering the club. When we noticed the great sound system, big stage and five thousand crazy party people it just couldn't get any better.

Me - What's your favorite track to play right now?

Mightyfools - Don’t have any favourite, there is so much good shit out there right now! But our latest single World Tour is doing great on the dance floor, so we'd have to say that one. Playing your own track and see people enjoying it is the best feeling. (music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvsyQiH6tuM )

Me -What's your favorite thing about touring?

Mightyfools - Besides the performing and DJing it's eating foreign food, meeting awesome new people and see a lot of places. And hotel housekeeping, not having to clean our mess ourselves ahaha.

Me - What's your least favorite thing about touring?

Mightyfools - Flying. As a kid we used to thought it was magic, now, with a wallet full of frequent flyer passes, it's just annoying!

Me - What's Mightyfools's Mantra?

Mightyfools - Just do what we love most.

Me - When all the partying is done, how do you guys like to unwind?

Mightyfools - Chilling in the city we are visiting, let the promoter guide us through the city, smoking weed, blasting loud music in our hotel rooms or doing some studio work!

Me - How would you both describe the "music scene" right now?

Mightyfools - Exploding! House is everywhere these days. What happened in europe 10 years ago is now happening in the States and it's amazing to be a part of this, and bring new sounds to the crowds worldwide.

Me - What's the funniest thing thats ever happened to you guys at an event?

Mightyfools - This list could go on endlessly... we've seen so much crazy shit! And of course many incidents involving ourselves like getting kicked out the club while playing for creating a big mosh pit, falling off the stage, we're kings in epic fail moments.

Me - In your spare time what are you two listening to?

Mightyfools - Oldskool hip-hop, Rock, Funk & RnB.. and dance music too sometimes haha.

Me - What are your feelings on Moombahton?

Mightyfools - Still getting used to the tempo, although there are some really great tunes out there already since it's short existence. Not sure yet if we're gonna play em out tho!

Me - What do you guys think about Ableton, Serato and Traktor, what software does Mighty Fools use?

Mightyfools - For DJing its definitely not our thing, we've been DJing the newskool oldskool way with CD's ever since we started working as a duo. Before that we both played vinyl so that might be the reason. Lately USB is our favorite way, just because it cannot skip.
For producing we started out on FL Studio, which we still use on occasions. On the road we produce with Logic.

What advice would you give to up and coming DJs?

Mightyfools - Enjoy the experience, set goals and achieve them. Working to reach your goals is the best part!

How to do plan to spend December 31st 2011, since the world is ending and all?

Mightyfools - If all goes well, we are too drunk to notice.

Me - What do you have in store for the summer of 2011?

Mightyfools - It's going to be a hectic summer! Production wise we are working on our next single and doing remixes, in all the time we can find for this! In our home country, The Netherlands, we're doing all big festivals on big stages this summer. In between we're going to Ibiza for the Music Conference, and we're going to do another USA tour of which details will be announced shortly.

Peace, Love and safe Drugz <3
XoXoX, Mama Beatz

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