Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Hello there friends here is another installment of Bangers as i like to call them. I have been lazy with the posts im sorry peeps. I dont know how many of you are out there but we are glad for the support. Keep listening to the music we post because I would say its fairly good :) I have got some songs to post. Some to me are old and some are hot off the download link. I have tested them on the crowds and they make the people go "CARAZY". You will get some techno and electro house with that being said here is the music ladies and gents.

Work this pussy-Dimitri Vegas and like mike remix

Fukkk Offf - Brain Rock (Cyberpunkers Remix) ACID

gesaffelstein-Hatred (Wait for the DROP!)

D-Wayne vs Jacob van Hage - Eponym (Original Mix) (MONSTER BANGER ...this will FUCK people up :)

Highbloo-Time To Change Part 2 (Heard it on the new Mustard pimp mix tape "V")

I hope this will do for now you electro fiends! :) I have some bonus tracks....they dont bang as hard but they are good tracks:

Hey-Today-Strange-(Boris-Dlugosch-Remix) (sounds like old Boys Noize)

Modeselektor - The Black Block (Original Mix) (song killed me live)

Until next time see ya. I will try and get better at posting more often.

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