Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If you dont know the CYBERPUNKERS get familiar.


I have been following the CYBERPUNKERS for quite some time now and they are like a fine wine, because they only get better with age. the first remix i heard of theres was Toxic is dead by the Toxic Avenger and that song sold me. I will post a bunch of CyberPunker songs that i think are floor monsters and if you want people to either fight or fuck on the dance floor then you play one of these songs. Enjoy the songs download all of them and have this be the soundtrack while you have sex with anybody. Its okay i dont judge maybe it be male or female or Both? Just do it :)

The Toxic Avenger- Toxic is Dead (Cyberpunkers remix)

Chewy Chocolate Cookies- This is Massive (Cyberpunkers remix)

Cyber Punkers- OMG ( Tom Deluxx remix)

The Blister Boys- Solferino (Cyberpunkers remix)

I think these songs should be enough, so stop what your doing and show these kids some love on thier my space and Soundcloud right now :) maybe even buy one of their songs.

Oh yeah here is video of an event they did with the TRASHBAG KIDS. I wanna party with the CYBERPUNKERS!!!!!

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