Tuesday, March 29, 2011

GET LUCKY? ...(I sure did.)

. . .So if you weren't at the Saltair on March 18th, well than you pretty much missed out on the biggest show/party th
is year yet!
Get Lucky, thrown by the guys at V2 was a huge success.

...Beads, Glowsticks, Candy and Furry boots, Oh MY!.

Whatever you would expect to be a
t an EDM event and more!!!

When it comes to putting on a show, these guys spare no expenses.

It was truly an experience an
d has
definitely gotten me excited for V2's upcoming events this year.

...Afrojack, Laidb
ackluke, Chuckie those are just a couple of names they're bringingout to salt lake.

They'll be hosting an event with Porter
Robinson and Skrillex this Saturday at the Saltair! Do you have tickets yet?...

One of the main goals of V2 this year
, is trying to bring back the scene to the older crowd. They definitely made a lot of progress towards that goal. The dress code they enforced probably had something to do with it.

No bras's and panties for the tweens, which I can say for myself was a huge relief that Friday. Not having to worry about 16 year old girls scantily clad definitely was a huge perk of the night. It allowed me and others to focus on the music.

able to solely focus on the music is a main priority of V2.

Nothing but the production of the show and the artists are important to the guys at V2 and with artists like Tommie Sunshine, Harvard Bass, Calvin Ha
rris and our own hero Hot Noise, who could judge them?

The whole reason for going to these events, is the chance to get to listen to our favorite tunes and hear some new o
nes on "Banging" sound systems, at least thats what I go for.

To be able to literally feel the music through my body, it's the closest I can ever get to actually becoming one with the
music, and even with working the event, thats exactly what happened to me. There were points whilst taking photos on stage where I just had to stop and show proper respect to the music. The sound system was something as a DJ myself, I dream about daily.

Lucky for all of us Hot Noise knew exact
ly what to do with it. Hot Noise the opener of the night on the main stage and local Salt lake DJ threw down some massive hits for me and the kiddies to "bang our head on".

The energy he threw into the crowd, got the party started! After him there was just no going back and to be honest I thinks that what we were all hoping for..

Harvard Bass than gracefully took the stage after Hot noise ready to carry on what his fellow peer had started. When Harvard is on the 1's and 2's, it's not a game. There's no doubt about it, this guy knows his bass.

It was a beautiful delight to watch him as he slayed the crowd, the passion and intent of his tracks were felt throughout the audience. Just reminding us why we love us some Harvard Bass!

After Harvard, we had everyone's favorite "Gandalf the Grey" impersonator.. Tommie Sunshine. Tommie sunshine, what can one say that hasn't
been said about our favorite Vet in the game. Tommie came to play Friday, and took no prisoners, just straight killing the dance-floor! I believe the audience at Get Lucky was as grateful for him as I was. Under those dark shades lies a mad man only motivated by the beat and moved by the bass. He was FEELING it, which in my opinion is how you know when something is really good, when a DJ cant even stop moving, it's translates into the crowd and brings the party to a whole-nutter level.

Which is exactly the preparation one needs to properly prepare when someone like Calvin Harris is about to take the stage. Calvin Harris the King of effing your "ish" up!

His way with a CDj c
ould make you cry tears of joy! The things that man did to the crowd and myself, woah! Nothing will ever be the same, in a really good way.

When he dropped "Replica", I coul
d see people's minds being blown, that track is a gauranteed banger! Calvin was not holding back, when he dropped "Awooga" his newest single, those minds were lost for good. My favorite part about the night? Watching Calvin Harris eat a banana, no seriously the whole night was absolutely amazing. V2 definitely knows how to throw a party and well after Get Lucky, I most definitely can't wait for Skrillex!!!!

Till you read my ish again. Peace, Love, Hugs and maybe Drugs.

XoXoX, MaMa BeatZ

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