Monday, December 5, 2011

Sazon Booya | Los Angeles | Muevelo

On December 10th, 2011 Sazon Booya will be ending the "Moonlight Tour" in Los Angeles with a bang! Muevelo has teamed up with ALL of L.A.'s Moombahtonistas to help host this night. This night will also mark the first Night Freq L.A. Moombahton Party!!

Sazon Booya is a two-piece moombahton production & DJ project. They have been making substantial waves with their original moombahton productions since the beginning of 2011 and have received countless nods of respect from top tier taste-makers from around the globe, such as El Cuco Recordings, DeeJay UMB, Pickster, Mendez, BabySteps, Munchi, Heartbreak, DJ Sabo, Obeyah, Skrillex, Boyfriend, Fellow and of course Dave Nada himself.

Sazon Booya

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