Sunday, December 11, 2011

NT89 & Burns - Traffic

On one hand, we have the Italian powerhouse and former Bloody Beetroots acolyte Nima Tahmasebi aka NT89, and on the other, we have London-based Scot Matt Burns, both of whom have been known to descend into epic rave territory in their productions when the mood strikes. So what happens when the two start to work together? Well, Erol Alkan saying 'damn, it's big' should give you one clue. Press play on this bad boy, turn it right up, and you're unleashing some of the most lunatic acid-stabbed drops anyone's heard all year. In any club setting, this would all but drown the audience by 3:30, which is exactly how hard-edged superstar DJs like it. From Attaque's latest mixtape for Bad Life.

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