Thursday, December 8, 2011

Billy The Gent

Billy the Gent is a DJ/producer based out of Washington D.C. Whether it's behind the decks or in the studio, Billy The Gent's passion for music shows to be as permanent as the ink on his hands. All kill, no fill.

Long Jawns x Billy The Gent - Vibrate (Original Mix) by Billy The Gent

He just recently released a compilation titled, “Through the Wire”. The concept behind this compilation was thought up shortly after Billy had finished a track with DJ Klever over the internet. He gathered together all his favorite moombahton producers and drew names out of a hat to pair producers together. Once he paired up the drawings from the hat, Billy told each collabo that they can only make these tracks via internet, hence the name “Through the Wire”.

Orion x A-Mac - Calgarico
ETC!ETC! x Nacey - Le Grand Zombi
Steve Starks x JWLS - Circus
Kid Cedek x Must Die x Sazon Booya - El Diablo
Torro Torro x Long Jawns - The Pump
Bobby La Beat x Riot Erp - ¡Eh!
Billy The Gent x Pickster - Bring The Bass Back
Jon Kwest x Obeyah - Dutty Pum Pum Ft. Feral aka MC Kinky
Willy Joy x Team Bayside High - Paper Jungle
Sabo x Melo - Dale Mas Claps
Cassius Slay x Paul Devro - Zimbabwav

Make sure to pick up this release by downloading the .zip file HERE(mediafire).

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