Thursday, November 10, 2011

SURKIN - "USA" Album

French DJ and producer, Surkin releases his first full length album, USA. The French producer shows off his influences of pop, electro, house along with plenty of other odds from p-funk, synth-pop, disco and hip hop. The sound is a perfect mix of florescent day-time jams, 80′s style club bangers and mid-tempo cuts...go have a listen!

Album teaser + full track list:

1. Let’s Ride
2. Lose Yourself (ft. Ann Saunderson)
3. Love Shot
4. I.N.Y.N
5. Fireworks Hotmix
6. Silver Island
7. White Knight Two
8. Rock It
9. Harry (ft. Bobmo)
10. Never Let Go (ft. Kevin Irving)
11. Fan Out
12. Gold Island
13. Ultra Light
14. Quattro (ft. Bobmo)
15. Silver Springs Anthem
16. UK Morning

Enjoi ;)

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