Friday, November 4, 2011

ARSNL added to Nightfreq

(pic taken at La Cita, Los Angeles)

Hi all, I am taking the time to say hello & officially announce that I am a part of the Nightfreq team & family. As most of you know Nightfreq was established in Salt Lake City, Utah. I (Arsnl) will hold down Nightfreq here in LA. You can visit my other blog for releases, interviews, events & more (LA swag). A few events are being planned in LA on the Nightfreq angle. I will definitely keep everyone posted.

Arsnl Contact:
Twitter: @theArsnl
Google+: Arsnl Bass
Blogs: &

*SLC + LA = Nighfreq


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  2. ARSNL is the man!! He will bring you only the dopest new music..