Monday, September 26, 2011

No Body.....Artillery Vol.1


I have not had the pleasure of seeing No Body, but ive gotten damn near close. The last Party we had our homey Ruben from the DSCO TECH blog pay us a visit ;) . Ruben is a dj that goes by DSCO and he also runs the blog. He is half of the Nobody duo and the other half is Kevin. They have been making power moves lately. Their remixes are on FIRE and partying with the DSCO TECH blog was tight! That party got cray....enuff about that lets get back to the music. Breaks down like this: Ruben and Kevin were djing at Control in L.A. They were like....shit sounds good......lets colab......and the rest is history. Here are the tunes that got me turned on to them :) Oh snap i almost forgot. They made a free E.P. called Artillery Vol.1 so, everybody give the a fuckin virtual high five! Cop it whilst its hot.
Here are the links for No Body and DSCO

DSCO sound cloud
No Boby sound cloud
No Body Face book
DSCOTECH BLOG......hmmm what elese. Oh yeah the music. I sorry folks im really high right now and i starting to drift.... O...the music.

Clockwork - Weaver (No Body Remix) by DSCO (No Body)

Valerna - Amazing (No Body Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) by No Body (Official)

Steed Lord - 123 If You Want Me (No Body Remix) WINNING ENTRY!!! by No Body (Official)

No Body Artillery Vol.1 cop it here Such good shit on there.

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