Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catching Up With Tellier

I am never alone in my apartment - S. Tellier


"I like to have sex to Appetite for Destruction by Guns and Roses," says French artist Sebastien Tellier on his first public appearance in Australia.

The industry acclaimed act is making his Australia debut at the Parklife Festival [check out our preview feature here] on Sunday, playing a never heard before track.

Famous for his sensuality and sense of humour, Tellier assures his fans the new song will be as erotic as ever.

"Because when music is not sexy, it is so so boring," says Tellier.

sebastien tellier

The track is will be on Tellier's anticipated fourth studio album which he hopes will mark a "rebirth" of his music.

"I will try to make something new. I am looking for the sweetness in powerful music. It is hard to explain, but it is a good recording."

"It will still be sexy. I am not really a sexual musician but I like to play sexual music."

Largely inspired by sex and love, Tellier's says there is a great difference between the two types of music.

tellier 3

"A love song is when you are in your car and you think about your girlfriend or boyfriend. But a sexual song is a song to do something like caress, or fucking."

However, Tellier he stresses his music is not all sex, humour and irony.

"I try to write with every emotion. I am a serious guy in fact. . . especially when I am composing in my apartment in paris in my bedroom alone I am serious . . . Devine is not a joke it is music for pleasure."

"Wait, no, I am never alone in my apartment," Tellier jokes.

Tellier will be performing at Parklife with three musicians, two from the US and one from Australia.

"They are great musicians and rehearsals was really good fun…it will be special." Tellier prefers to play with a band saying it is "the best way to feel free on stage ... When I tour alone, I feel alone and sad, I don't like to play so much alone with the computer."

With a strong sense of humility, Tellier says he tries reach the opposite of his music when performing live.
"When playing live the goal is to try and get a sad song and make it fun."

Tellier says he experiments with Rnb, but believes American RnB lyrics "are the basement of the human spirit ... I try to play RnB but with a French spirit. It is like a hamburger, but with really good cheese, a fancy hamburger."

Getting his big break on Eurovision, Tellier says the people were monsters but he is glad it helped him gain a new audience.

"It didn't align with the spirit of my music . . . but it helped me attract a new audience, before my concerts were full of annoying teenage girls, now I have a regular and normal audience, I enjoy that."

Since Eurovision Tellier has collaborated with some of the most notable artists today, including Daft Punk.


"When i work with someone these people become my kind of mirror of me, so i would like to have a good reflection of myself. Sofia Coppola is a good mirror, Daft Punk is a good mirror. I am not perfect but i hope the world around me could be perfect so i choose perfect people to work with. I try to work with perfect person to be perfect myself."

Tellier says he loves Australia and apologises for not visiting on his last tour.

"I love the bitches…no no…I mean the beaches."

After Parklife Sebastien Tellier's focusing on composing tracks for a French movie, a classical romance

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