Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who Is Lucky Date?

The first time i heard about lucky date was from my partner in crime al, which was showing me different tutorials on reason by this user named "Lucky Date", right of the bat we though wow, this dude can show you everything you need to know about making electro dance music, why doesnt he make some brutal tunes of his own? Our question was anwsered when he joined our friends at Kill Pop Records..

Hailing from San Francisco California and now living in Chicago Illinois, DJ/Producer Lucky Date (Jordan Atkins-Loria) has steadily been making a place for himself in the world of electro with plenty powerful tricks up his sleeve. LUCKY DATE has opened for acts such as: DESIGNER DRUGS, STEVE AOKI, LE CASTLE VANIA, & MANY MORE. He has officially remixed Crystal Castles, Greenskeepers, Richard Vission, Trash Yourself, Alex Kidd USA, Vhs or Beta, Lazy Rich, Frederik Olufsen, Zedd, and many others. Jordan recently became an artist for Big Fish Recordings one of the hottest electro labels in the world. Although most of his tracks are bassified aggressive electro he also produces Progressive House, Tech House, Dutch House, and Dubstep. Jordan also works as a synth engineer providing the sounds behind some of the worlds biggest names including David Guetta. In the last year Jordan has produced over 30 tracks and has no intention of slowing down.

LUCKY DATE WILL MAKE HIS FIRST TIME APPERANCE IN SLC Thursday, MAY 12th If you want to attend i recomend you visit the Facebook Event here for more info

Go to his soundcloud and get more fresh tunes!


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