Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grammy-nominated artist, Morgan Page, returns to The Depot May 20th!

(A little biography to get to know him a little better),
With over 110 remixes to his name—including tracks by Madonna (“Miles Away”), Katy Perry (“I Kissed A Girl”), Tegan & Sara (“Back In Your Head”), and La Roux (“Bulletproof”)—Morgan Page has earned a solid reputation for transferring insatiable pop energy to the dance floor in the form of banging, progressive house tracks. High ranking spots on iTunes’ dance chart, Beatport’s progressive chart, and Billboard’s club charts affirmed his salability, while an ’09 Grammy nomination for Deadmau5’s remix of Page’s “The Longest Road” simultaneously bolstered his underground cred while spotlighting his skills as a songwriter.
You might recognize these tracks, "Fight For You" or "The Longest Road"

Earlier this year, Page released Believe, a powerful, captivating album that makes good on his International Dance Music Awards nomination as Best Breakthrough Artist, and typifies his journey from bootleg remixer to award-winning producer and world renown DJ. 
To listen to his podcasts and remixes, you can visit his soundcloud.

Morgan was kind enough to take a little bit of time out of his busy busy schedule to answer just a few questions for me... 

-What's something surprising about you, that no one
would ever expect?
I built my first studio in the basement of log cabin that used to be a ski lodge, when I was 14 (That is quite impressive..)
-What software do you use to produce?
I use Pro Tools 9
-What software to you use to mix?
I DJ with Ableton Live, with an Allen & Heath Xone 4D
-What was the first gig you ever played at? How'd it make you feel?
My first gig was The Phoenix Landing in Cambridge Massachusetts. I didn't even recognize the kick drum coming out the speakers. It was a bit of a revelation!
-What are your favorite tracks to play and why?
I'll definitely be playing "The Longest Road", "Fight For You" "I've Had Friends" and probably my new remixes for Daft Punk and Adam K (I'm kind of curious to hear these Daft Punk remixes you speak of...)
-We're excited to have you playing in Salt Lake City, any thoughts about this show?
SLC is one of my favorite cities. I try to make a point to go snowboarding there in the winter.
-What do you have planned for the summer of 2011?
My new album should be out this summer features collaborations with Tegan & Sara, Nadia Ali, and several others. I can't wait for people to hear it! 
-Any advice or words of wisdom for DJ's trying to 'make it'
Don't send unsolicited promos…slowly build your rep and build your contacts one at a time. The shotgun approach doesn't really work. (Thank you for your words of wisdom)

And there you have it! Thank you Morgan, i really wish you continued success in your new album and remixes. :)

*Make sure to follow Morgan Page on Facebook, Twitter and his official home page

*You can catch this Grammy-nominated artist, Morgan Page, when he returns to The Depot May 20th! Opening sets by DJ K and Cool Hand Luke! 
For more ticket/event information, visit here.

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