Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Interview with Peacetreaty

PEACETREATY was created in 2009 by producer Josh Anaya. Josh eventually teamed up with DJ Sam Hiller(Groove Radio) and Angelo Patroni. Together the trio make PeaceTreaty aka the banger dreamteam! DEADMAU5, LAIDBACK LUKE, AFROJACK, WOLFGANG GARTNER, FELIX DA HOUSECAT, STEVE AOKI, MIGHTYFOOLS, AUTOEROTIQUE, ANNIE MAC, SINDEN, SOUND OF STEREO, FAKE BLOOD, TOMMIE SUNSHINE, SKEET SKEET, JUDGE JULES, DON RIMINI, PUNK ROLLA, THE BLACK EYED PEAS, REID SPEED, DAN OH, KISSY SELL OUT, HOSTAGE, DADA LIFE, SPENCER & HILL, MUSTARD PIMP(<--They'll be here soon!!), BART B MORE, PAUL ANTHONY, CONGOROCK, HOT PINK DELOREAN, SHAROOZ, RICHARD VISSION, CHARLES FEELGOOD, BREAKDOWN, HYPHY CRUNK and COLDBLANK, what do these names mean? Those names are just a small portion compared to the majority of supporters these guys have earned in their career as Peactreaty. So when I got to interview the O.G. of PEACETREATY, Josh Anaya, I effing leaped!

What made you guys want to bring the trio that we now call Peacetreaty together?

Well I started this last year in January with no intentions of it becoming this big. I personally felt that the other two guys had the same passion and love for music as I do so I asked them if they would take part in this with me and from there we have been on a quest to get to the top.

How did you come up with the name, what's the meaning behind it?

Actually the name came from a girl i dated back in the day. I don't believe there was a meaning behind it but thinking about for a while, I would say its a way to bring unity through music. Which is the most incredible thing.

What would you say influences Peacetreaty's sound the most?

I would say the crowd does. You could make a great song but when you play it out people don't react like you do so going to events/clubs help us emulate that picture when we make our tracks. Because in the end this is all for others to enjoy while we enjoy making it.

What remixes are you guys working on currently, when can we expect them?

Right now actually we aren't doing any remixes because we are focusing on our originals for the forthcoming EP's with amazing vocalists. We do have some remixes in the future for some huge artists but unfortunately we cant announce that yet. (<---this excites me)

What's Peacetreaty's mantra?

Big Room House!!! Just pure energy!

What would you say the formula is for a good remix?

Haha I actually haven't come up with a textbook formulas for us but most of the time we only use like 1 or 2 stems from the zip and we just create everything on our own. Like the past 4 remixes we only used vocals or the chords. Hopefully I'll find a structure for the remixing.

"Cal State Anthem" . .in my head I envision the three of you sitting in a room and chatting about a track for people to lose their $#!% to, which is exactly what happens every time it's dropped.. What was the inspiration behind it?

When I start the tracks out I never have a route on how to go about it. Its more like just go with something that sounds good. I started on the percussive element and went from there. I believe the track took a total of 5 hours to complete the first draft.

How do the three of you prepare for a show?

We go through tracks and promos to see what we are vibing off at the moment. Then put them through, mixed in key and start editing every one of the tracks, even are own, so that people aren't expecting something they already know. That's what I think separate's a lot of the well known DJ's from others.

What's would you say has been the best show to date and why ?

Definitely the one we just played, which was Beyond Wonderland. Where we played the main stage and got to open up for Kaskade, Dirty South, Funkagenda, and Calvin Harris. There was 10k+ people there going crazy, Hahaha.

When all the partying is done, how do you like to unwind?

Just chill and vibe on some inspiration. haha

When there's time off(if ever), what's Peacetreaty listening too?

I personally love listening to Milosh Station on Pandora and stuff like that. Angelo jams off post hardcore and Sam is just all over the place with his musical taste.

What advice would you guys give to DJs trying to make it?

Quality over quantity. If your trying to produce make sure you perfect that track until its amazing. If your djing make sure to edit everything and make the transitions super clean. Nobody should be telling you that you suck or blah bah blah, only because music it self isn't defined as all being good to one person.

If it were possible to bring back someone from the dead to party with, who would you guys choose?

I would definitely pick Isaac Newton.

What in 2011, are the three of you most excited for?

Definitely all the new originals. Remember Big Room House! (<--excited!!!)

Note From Josh Anaya,
Thank you mate and to everyone for taking the time to show interest in us. This all is a blessing and we are surely working hard on all fronts to make you all proud. Be sure to say updated with us on our facebook and soundcloud. Ya dig!

Hope you guys enjoyed that as much as I did, till next time!
Peace,Love and maybe Drugs
XoXoX, MaMa BeatZ

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