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My interview with, KILL The NOISE !!!

"From Los Angeles, California, Jake Stanczak better known as Kill The Noise has exploded into the Electro House scene, since he launched the project in January of ‘08. His productions have earned him recognition from both house music fanatics and world class DJ’s alike. Success in the studio has created many interesting opportunities for the young producer. Most notably a busy worldwide touring schedule, a record label partnership with the infamous DJ Craze, and most recently an invitation to perform on Tiesto’s Kaleidoscope World Tour in North America.

It seems that whatever sector of electronic music Kill The Noise draws influence from, it is executed with the same level of quality and production mastery that has become expected from him. His sound has resonated around the world and has been embraced by both veterans and newer generations of artists and enthusiasts.
You can sense from the productions that there is a mission to learn and explore what can be done with sound, and how to push the envelope in electronic music, making this an even more exciting project to watch unfold.

When all is said and done, the music and the brand speaks for itself. It’s obvious that Kill The Noise is on a mission to prove the name to be true: Kill the noise, kill the production, kill the scene, and become one of the most influential names in the game -KNK."

. . .It was an honor to even meet Kill the Noise, let alone get to interview him! Thanks again, Jake!

What made you want to DJ in the beginning?

Well I started djing hip-hop and drum'n'bass back in the late 90's. At the time it wasn't nearly as popular, at least in my hometown, Rochester, NY. However, we were lucky in the sense that there was a scene there with a lot of talented dj's and passionate promoters that wanted to establish something different. I found out about it all from a combination of mix tapes (yes tapes!) from my friends and stuff I picked up from the local record shop. A lot of it was drum'n'bass stuff from toronto and nyc mostly. Those tapes probably inspired me more than anything to go out and pick up a pair of turntables.

How did the name Kill The Noise happen?

I needed a name. . . No really interesting story behind it. I wanted something that sounded interesting and maybe made people wonder what the meaning is. I have some personal meanings behind the name, but I think by telling people "kill the noise is ____", it kinda takes away the ability for people to put their own meaning to it.

What styles would you say influence your sound?

Depends. My production sound varies, and my dj sound varies. I think overall I am going for something unique, good production sensibilities, beyond that most of what I've put out thus far is designed to make people dance. Some of the things I'm working on now have a bit more depth than stuff people might be used to hearing from me. On a regular basis I find or hear stuff that influences me.
Obviously other artists music is part of that, but I've made an effort now, more than ever to try and breakout with my "own sound". Its much more difficult than you might think.

What was the first venue you ever played at, how did it turn out, and how did it make you feel after?
First venue I played (besides house parties) was in my hometown. It was a sunday night drum'n'bass night called "La Selva", put together by some of the guys who brought me into the local scene. It wasn't a great time slot, and I didn't play for a lot of people, but the sound system was great, and it definitely inspired me. From then on I became pretty much obsessed with djing and shortly after producing.

What’s been your favorite event to play this year so far and why ?

This year my favorite event was definitely Good Vibrations Tour in Australia. It was 2 weeks long and was really my first ever festival tour in another country. The energy, meeting some of the other amazing artists on the tour, seeing another country, was all a real perspective altering experience. I came off that tour with a bunch of new friends and super inspired to get back to work in the studio!

What's your favorite track to play right now?

Its hard to name one, and this might sound a bit arrogant, but any of my new tracks are the most fun for me to play. Those are the ones that feel the best when people respond obviously!

What's the first album you ever bought?

Hmmmm... I don't know if my memory goes back that far. I would guess and say something by metallica. Some of my older (cooler) friends in the neighborhood had a lot to do with that!

What's your favorite track of all time?

Tough one. Probably something by nine inch nails or pink floyd. Two of my favorite bands.

How do you prepare for a show, any habits?

I go through all my music and kinda create a little index in my mind of stuff I want to remember to play. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you have certain things you HAVE to give a shot.
Its easy to fall into the habit of playing a lot of the same stuff in a set. Other than that I have two rules, don't sleep or eat 4 hours before a show, it makes me really slow and tired. Even if I havent eaten all day or slept, that can wait till after! Those are my two golden rules!

What's your Mantra?

Nothing super well thought out here, but I try to live by "do things for the right reasons".

When all the partying is done, how does Kill The Noise like to chill out after a show?

I pretty much go into hibernation mode. Everyone that knows me personally, knows this!

How would you describe the "scene" right now?

In a word, exciting. Theres a lot of interesting music popping up right now, at many different tempos. Thats good news!

What's the funniest thing that ever happened to you at an event?

Oh man, waaaaaaay too many to consider. If you have a good sense of humor, which I like to think I do, you find a lot of stuff to laugh at. I think that probably some of the funniest stuff I've seen wasn't very funny to most people!

What do you like to listen to on your free time?

A mix of classic stuff and new stuff. I'm all over the place. Luckily I have a lot of friends that have great taste in music of all types so I regularly get suggestions from people. I also get sent a lot of promo stuff and demos from artists, so my playlists are always full!

What are your feelings on Moombahton?

I think its interesting. I don't know how I feel about it yet to be honest. At first it didn't really catch my attention. But recently there has been a lot of stuff coming out that I'm diggin. In a weird way it kinda reminds me of dubstep. At least in the sense that when I first heard it, there was something missing from it, but as it developed, it started to appeal to me more and more.

Now I'm really into dubstep. Once upon a time, I definitely wasn't into it. That has all changed now. So I wouldn't be surprised if moombahton ends up in my sets if it keeps going in the direction it has.

What do you think about Ableton, Serato and Traktor, what software do you use?

I love ableton. I use it a lot for production. I don't perform as kill the noise with ableton, I dj with CD's. However I have another project called Ludachrist ( that I started with my friend Knick (from evol intent). We use ableton to perform. Really the only reason we use it for performances, is because there isn't really any other logical way to do it with the nature of our set.
I love djing and I love the energy that comes from it at a show, the reaction people get. I think its easier for people to understand what you are doing when you're up there djing, especially if you're animated and really know how to mix. I'm not against artists that perform with ableton, but I think something gets lost if you have your mix on auto pilot and you're jumping around like a crazy person, OR the opposite, you're doing a lot of crazy shit inside ableton, but from the crowds perspective you are nerding out with your head inside your computer screen. If you're gonna use ableton to perform I feel like it should be somewhere in the middle.
You gotta give people a true performance, ableton should be an instrument, and I've definitely seen people who can do that! Same goes for serato and traktor.

What advice would you give to up and coming DJs?

Its simple but important, never give up, and do it cause you love it.

When you're all alone and no one can hear you scream . .what do YOU scream?

FUUUUCKKKK!!!!! usually while I'm frustrated in the studio ;)

What does Kill the Noise have in store for 2011?

Hopefully some sort of EP or album. Either way a lot of new music and more shows!

Peace, Love, Hugs and Drugs <3
XoXoX Mama Beatz
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